Be Different when marketing
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Blue Thunder Creative Group, Inc.

Technology has put consumers in the vroom vroooom seat as they have the POWER to make or break a brand. Consumer reviews, touting an AMAZING interaction or a lukewarm touch, can be shared instantly. This is why it is imperative for every business to plan ongoing marketing (communications).  This will ensure their brand stays top of mind and focused on what people are saying about their brand.

I am a frequent shopper, so I understand.  I’ve experienced both great and mediocre service. But, I always give brands who didn’t impress me the opportunity to make it better. It’s my professional courtesy to them before I write an unfavorable review.

If you are looking for a company for all types of healthy fruit gifts, please visit  Please tell Dorothy that Laney sent you.  No, I am not being paid to say this.  She has an INCREDIBLE brand.  Another rockstar company is, but you probably already knew that.  If you want home decor solutions, try  They design and sell handmade italian picture frames.  Yes, they are really manufactured in Italy.  Talk about an artisanal company.  I have never met the CEO, Tony Gareri, but we are connected on social media and all of his interactions are genuine.  Send me a handwritten note or click here to email me to receive more great company recommendations. Oh, and how could I forget, for office supplies.  I now have my very own account representative.  Thank you Staples.

So why does my company exist…To help my clients “be different”. As consumers are in search of new products and services, I help my clients stay top of mind with relevant marketing initiatives.

Companies who need copywriting, graphic design, a marketing plan, and a roadmap on how to treat their customers in MEMORABLE ways should consider reaching out to me. These tools are essential for businesses to cultivate positive and recurring word-of-mouth with their current customers and to help WIN new customers.